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"Infront Electrical takes pride in not only our relationships with our clients, but our relationships with each of our employees"


The opportunity to work with Infront gives you with the ability to broaden your knowledge and experience while working with one of South Australia's premier electrical contractors.

Here at Infront Electrical, we take great satisfaction in having an unrivalled staff that is dedicated to producing amazing quality work, as well as a high-quality workforce that is passionate and motivated to attaining the best results possible for themselves and the company. Our staff is committed to fostering a professional work environment for all of our employees

No matter if you are looking to begin a new career, want to improve your current skills and knowledge, or are an experienced worker looking for a change, joining Infront Electrical can offer you all of the necessary tools to help you achieve your objectives.

Our diverse team is dedicated to creating a welcoming workplace for all employees, regardless of their background or experience.

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All applications are kept on our database for future employment and are treated with strict confidentiality.

*Those who are interested in applying with Infront will be subject to a pre-employment medical/drug and alcohol screening and will be required to be first aid certified prior to starting.

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