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We collaborate with medium and large-scale construction companies to complete a diverse range of commercial building projects that are fully documented.

The following are only a few examples of the kind of projects for which Infront has demonstrated expertise: apartments, hotels, shops, student housing, schools, medical facilities, warehouses, and infrastructure projects, to name a few.

Infront can guarantee on-time and on-budget completion of high-quality projects with our highly qualified and competent people.



The electrical installation is designed in collaboration with a selected builder and the end user (client). Infront then generates certified documentation and proceeds to the construction phase, completing the project from beginning to end.


Because it is not only cost effective for the client, but it is also one of our preferred construction methods, which we highly value, we choose to use this style of construction whenever possible.

Design & Construct


New construction projects as well as infrastructure upgrades that necessitate design, supply, and installation can rely on us for a range of communication & TV services. 

We offer but are not limited to Category 6, 6A, and 7 structured cabling systems, wireless networking equipment, lead in and pathways for NBN infrastructure, fibre optic backbone splicing and testing, mobile signal amplification for complete building coverage of 4G and 5G signals, IP TV/MATV, and PAY-TV systems, multistory apartment IP Intercom systems with access control, lift integration and mobile app control, amongst other services.

Communication & Data
Thermal Imaging


Infront offer extensive experience in the design, supply, installation, maintenance, and ongoing support and management of commercial access control systems in government departments, small and large businesses, hotels and apartment buildings, retirement communities, schools, and hospitals, to name a few examples.

Access cards, keyring fobs, remote controls, and mobile app credentials are available for purchase on an ongoing basis after installation in order to meet our customers' needs. We have easy-to-use secure purchasing systems in place for all of our clients when the need arises.


It is our priority to protect the security of your facility, and we have put in place procedures to guarantee that only authorised individuals have access to these ordering services.



Using the most up-to-date technology in the constantly evolving area of video surveillance, we can provide a full design, supply, and installation package for a personalised CCTV system for your home or business. From fixed cameras to pan tilt zoom cameras, wireless WIFI cameras to mobile 4G cameras, we have a wide selection of products and brands to choose from to meet your specific requirements.



Using a microprocessor-based wiring system, the Clipsal C-Bus system may be used to control lights and other electrical equipment. C-Bus is capable of controlling and automating almost any kind of electrical load, ranging from simple ON/OFF management of a lighting circuit to high end DALI control systems.

Though we specialise in the design and installation of fully integrated C-Bus systems in both new construction and existing buildings, we are also available to help you with updating, upgrading, or regular maintenance of your existing C-Bus systems.



Thermal imaging is a non-invasive technique that is used to visually inspect and detect potential areas of concern. When an infrared camera detects heat generated from electrical equipment, it creates a thermographic image. This image is then evaluated by one of our certified professionals, who will analyse each image and create a report, which you will receive a copy of for your records.


While thermal imaging is being used to report on your building, it will not cause any interference with your power supply.

Security Access


Maintenance consists of scheduled electrical testing of our client's assets and infrastructure, which may include RCD testing, emergency and exit lighting discharge tests, and thermal imaging, among other things. We perform these preventative maintenance visits to ensure that all electrical components are functioning

properly and securely.

Traditionally, a member of our service team will complete this task on their own time to assist clients in scheduling maintenance at times that are convenient for their business.

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